Jan. 2nd, 2016

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Д/з на курс Writing for Young Readers.
Автобиографический текст в 500 слов. Про лисицу.


There lived a Fox who loved to read so much that reading became her only hobby.

Wolves, bears, badgers, squirrels and other noble forest people went to visit each other, played musical instruments, travelled to far away woods, baked cakes, made furniture and embroidered napkins — did a bit of everything.

And Fox could always be found sitting in the armchair or lying on the sofa with a book in her paws.

But one day, when she was reading a story about a Lazy Sparrow and his friends, suddenly she stuck. She started, "And the Wise Crow said" — but couldn't move any further.

Fox closed her eyes and counted to ten, then looked at the page and read again, "And the Wise Crow said", but not a word more.

Fox became angry. She wanted to go on, but it seemed like there were too many words in her head, collected from all the texts she had read before.

Fox shook her head so that the old words would lie flat and free some space for the new ones. But the method didn't work.

Fox got frustrated. She started growling, "What did the stupid Wise Crow say?"

She took a large bowl, filled it with water and put her head into it. She hoped liquid would come through her ears and melt the words. It didn't happen.

Fox got scared. Would she never ever be able to read again? Would she never find out what had happened to the Lazy Sparrow?

She regretted finishing all the boring books she had. She regretted reading advertisements and newspapers. If she hadn't flooded her head with all those words she'd never got into this trouble.

If Fox was the only one to blame she also was the only one to rescue herself. How could she probably take the nasty words out of her poor head?

And then she had an idea.

She took a sheet of paper and a pencil.

"Please, please work", asked Fox.

She wrote "Fox" and started chewing a pencil. A single "Fox" couldn't free enough space. So she continued.

"The weather is fine today." And she glanced at the book. Maybe one more sentence? "The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the trees are green." Would it be enough for the first time? Would it help at all?

Fox opened the book and took a deep breath.

"And the Wise Crow said, "There's so much in the world, but you have chosen only one thing to do — stay in bed."

"It works! It works!" exclaimed Fox.

This is when she decided to write a story about a Sparrow who loved to read too much, a story that would empty her head from the old words for new ones. So Fox began scribbling, crossing out, scratching her head, chewing her pencil, tearing paper into pieces and starting all over again.

And when she finished, wolves, bears, badgers, squirrels and other noble forest people became her first readers.
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Сходили с Медвежонком к бабуше и дедуше. Пришли в 6 ч., нарядили всех в дождик, поели салатов, попили чаю, поорали песни под гитару, от «Отеля «Калифорнии» до «Владимирского централа» и гимна СССР (последний -- по просьбе слушателей спеть хоть что-то знакомое им; да, не всех впечатляют эти наши Nothing Else Matters и пр.).
С удивлением обнаружила, что могу сольно проорать «Город золотой» и «Звезду по имени Солнце».
И ни в одной песне не знаю, где вступать.

В 9 ч. вечера уже были дома.
И вот же я обезьяна: насмотревшись, как Миха быстро нагугливает и тут же разбирает аккорды, первым делом по приходе домой села гуглить, разбирать, рисовать схемы и очень медленно их озвучивать.
Вообще же музыка дана этой квартире для того, чтобы напоминать, что, хотя Животное может много чего не знать/не уметь, но музицирует он в тысячу раз лучше меня.

Тж не могу не отметить, что в новогоднюю ночь суицидальные мысли отсутствовали (как будто и не новогодняя ночь, хе-хе).


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